Our CEO, RuQuan, started a non profit to bring resources, opportunities, and exposure to young people in D.C. 

When Ru was a student in DCPS, he lost his step-dad and several other friends and noticed how traumatic these events were. It became hard for him to focus in the classroom or not think about death. He also found that his teachers didn't share much empathy, yet they expected him to excel as if everything was normal.

Recently, RuQuan spoke to between 8 and 10 thousand staff members in DC Public Schools, where he introduced an initiative to help solve the problem that he experienced: The Love100 Project. With this initiative, Love100 will send 100 DCPS students to therapy in order to help them be whole, healthy, and healed. 

Through 2020, Love1 will be donating proceeds to this movement. VISIT LOVE1BIZ.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION